How does my garden grow?

I am really pleased with my first attempt at gardening in small raised beds. This photo was taken earlier this week in a break from the torrential rain we have been having. The apples have been made into apple compote flavoured with the few raspberries. The strawberries and tomatoes have such a fresh, vibrant taste. The snack cucumbers are pleasant but take up too much space for the crop; ditto for the yellow courgettes. Those two plants are swamping my herbs. Everything is organic which is my goal in life. The range of organic fruit and vegetables is not consistently good in my area.

The next step in my gardening journey is to clear two of the beds and decide the next planting. I need to do more research and look at rotation of crops. I’m thinking about dark green vegetables and bok choy or similar for stirfrys.

Watch this space!

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