I have dyspraxia which impacts on my whole body; vision, gut (IBS) and my general motor planning. The most obvious when you meet me is how it impacts on my speech (developmental verbal dyspraxia/speech apraxia in the US); if you passed me in the street you wouldn’t see any difference. I struggle at times in relation to how my dyspraxia impacts on me physically; especially in terms of tiredness. I am on a journey to understand and learn how to manage all aspects of my dyspraxia as it is all inter-linked.

I started this blog for several reasons. At first, I wanted to reach out to others with verbal dyspraxia to make sense of my own condition. As my journey has progressed, I’ve become interested in a holistic approach especially in terms of healthy diet which helps me manage my IBS. My progress continues and I feel it’s important to share with others the strategies that have helped me improve my global dyspraxia and my speech. Finally, blogging is fun and communicating online is equal. I thank all my followers for their continued support. It’s great when people comment or want to chat.

Being honest, we haven’t found much practical guidance or support in the UK for developmental verbal dyspraxia, although we have seriously tried. Through longterm links that a family member had with professionals in America and Australia, it became clear that appropriate therapy was more readily available in the US. For the past 12 years, I have been lucky to be supported by a team of professionals both here and in America. I continue to make good progress across all aspects.

I have now teamed up with Joanna Bendel in the US, who has speech apraxia and is a very proactive advocate for this condition. Together we want to change attitudes towards speech disorders and raise awareness of speech apraxia. However this remains only one aspect of my blog.

Apart from dyspraxia, my blog will cover several different aspects such as lifestyle and healthy recipes. I am also gluten- and lactose-free so my recipes reflect that. At times, I will outline products, technology and strategies that help me reduce the impact of my dyspraxia. I have recently added growing my own vegetables to my cooking blogs.

In terms of academic work, I am doing a level 3 Diploma in Creative Writing. I aim to go onto higher education but having already completed a course in psychology which I loved, I need to decide which route to go down.

My journey continues but I will keep you updated across the different aspects of it. Thank you for your ongoing support.