Welcome Updated 23/03/2023

I have dyspraxia which impacts my whole body; vision, gut (IBS) and general motor planning. The most obvious when you meet me is how it affects my speech (developmental verbal dyspraxia/speech apraxia in the US); if you passed me in the street, you wouldn’t see any difference. I sometimes struggle with how my dyspraxia impacts me physically, especially regarding tiredness. I am on a journey to understand and learn how to manage all aspects of my dyspraxia as it is interlinked.

What have I learned on my journey about managing dyspraxia? Not to tire myself out for a start, I’m over 6 feet tall, which is a good height for someone who apparently had a leaky gut. My energy levels drain during the day, so I plan my schedule to better manage them. Not going to bed too late. Exercise helps me, so I walk the dogs with my family, as being in the open air is relaxing and invigorating. I use the Muse brain-sensing headband several times a day as it’s calming and helps me relax; a treadmill helps me relax. I’m still doing core strength and arm strengthening exercises. My vision therapy programme involves several daily activities. These are now part of my life. I write a daily plan of my priorities.

I started this blog for several reasons. At first, I wanted to reach out to others with verbal dyspraxia to understand my condition. As my journey has progressed, I’ve become interested in a holistic approach, especially in terms of a healthy diet which helps me manage my IBS. My progress continues, and I feel it’s important to share with others the strategies that have helped me improve my global dyspraxia and my speech. Finally, blogging is fun and communicating online is equal.

I still have support from professionals in America for speech and vision therapy, and I practice speech daily. I now have different type of support as my Education Health and Care Plan, and education funding has ceasedIn terms of academic work, I have completed level 3 Diplomas in both Creative Writing and Psychology.. Last October, I started a BSc. Honours degree in Creative Writing. It’s challenging, but Im enjoying it. I’m doing it distance learning. Thankfully we have Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) in the U.K. I find the phrase ‘Disabled Students’ rather annoying as that’s not how I see myself. However, who am I to complain when they’ve provided a range of equipment and apps that make life easier, plus a trainer who is helping me make the best use of them.

I will keep you updated about my progress in my degree, as well as my journey with dyspraxia. I will still focus on diet, lifestyle and healthy recipes. As I’m gluten- and lactose-free, my recipes will reflect that, as well as low-carb and Keto. I will sometimes outline products, technology and strategies that help me reduce the impact of my dyspraxia. My latest project is sprouting different types of seeds.

My journey continues but I will keep you updated across the different aspects of it.

Thank you to all my followers for their continued support. It’s great when people comment or want to chat.