Hey, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post, sorry about that! Admittedly I’ve been quite busy!!

I’ve been away quite a few times in the Summer, first York which was lovely, then Scarborough. It was also my birthday in October, the joys of getting older, but we did have a long weekend in York with both dogs. Lots of walks, shopping and meals out. Since then Ive started a degree in Creative Writing. I’m enjoying it so far but I am still getting into the swing of it all, it’s a lot to take in.

On top of all that we also got a new puppy a Cavapoochon called Lola, she’s currently 4 months old and is your typical puppy! If she’s not pooping or weeing somewhere, she’s off destroying something she shouldn’t, but more often than not she can be found playing with our other dog Fae. Fae gives speaking looks for us to remove Lola. At 4 months old Lola is 3 times Fae’s size. The vet laughs as Lola is meant to be a toy dog.

She is delightful though very mischievous and affectionate, she’s already brought so much joy to our lives. Though that being said she does have this ungodly habit of somehow managing to smell like a cesspit whenever she’s been out for a walk. Let’s just say she’s nothing like ‘perfect’ Fae, if Fae were a ‘Lady’ Lola’s definitely the opposite, maybe ‘Ladette’ is the correct term. I’m not sure. Either way you get the picture ones refined and dignified, and the other a right scruffiian!

The last picture below, Lola is 2 months old. We were at a sports centre set in a quarry. Lola is in the water and Fae is looking at her in bafflement. At the next visit Lola jumped in still attached to her extendable lead, swam with the many fish, and ended up needing treatment for giardia. The dog is impulsive. The concerning thing is we saw people swimming in the quarry lake.

If you can’t already tell, it’s been a whirlwind few months!

Now, I’m looking forward to Bonfire Night, we usually have family round and set off a load of fireworks in the garden, though I’m not actually sure if we’ve ought any? I’ll get someone onto that!

However, I will be posting new recipes including the first one which trials air fryer pizza rolls.

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