Raising Awareness of Speech Apraxia (3)

Lee Ridley is a true ambassador of speech disorders who has broken down significant barriers in acceptance of disability and those with communication differences. He is an English stand-up comedian; disabled since early life, and unable to speak. He is the first stand-up comedian in Britain to use a communication aid in his routines, performing them under the stage name of Lost Voice Guy. His act has been recognised in a number of ways including winning the BBC Radio, New Comedy Awards, He won Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) 2018. This is his act in the Final.

I can’t imagine many of us would want to be a stand-up comedian but Lee does it with such panache; look at his timing for saying things in the Final of BGT. He has a book out called ‘I’m Only in it for the Parking’. Here’s link on the This Morning show talking about his book and changes in his life.

On his website he sells merchandise, my favourite teeshirt is ‘I Run Better Than The Government’. This is quite apt in the UK! This is his website – he is a true champion of funny one-liners. You can find further information about him on his site.

One of things that Lee says in the This Morning Show about how his life has changed with his success, is that people are engaging with him a lot more than before and as a result he is happier; they see him and not his disability.

So if you know someone with a speech disorder, take the time to engage with them and see the person not their difficulties; it will enhance both your lives.

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