Raising Awareness of Speech Apraxia (2)

In this blog I want to spotlight Joanna Bendel, who is working hard to change public attitude, in America, towards apraxia of speech. She is succeeding.

I know Joanna Bendel through involvement in a group called Young Adults with Dyspraxia/Apraxia (YADA). This was set up by The Cherub Foundation in America. YADA is a closed group that helps young people to share with others in a similar situation. For the first time, I talked to someone with developmental verbal dyspraxia (CAS) and felt better about myself. This made me feel better especially after my school experiences.

Joanna shines out as a true inspiration to me; I wish I had her strength of character! I am going to embed links to her videos so you can see what a fantastic ambassador she is and how once she took the leap, her confidence has grown. I messaged her to get her permission for this blog. These video links help tell aspects of her story.

This video is about Joanna at 14 years old and using the communication aid.

This is a link to her YouTube channel; I suggest you subscribe. I have followed Joanna’s Vlog for years. She used to use her communication aid and people were encouraging her to use her speech. One Christmas she decided to and has developed confidence in using her speech since. Just think about the courage that took. When I need a boost I watch her YouTube channel. I am hoping to have some level of Joanna’s confidence in the future but like most people I’m still on the journey. In the meantime Joanna is a true inspiration to everyone. I salute you Joanna!

This is a video of her on a News programme in 2018.

If you are reading this, please stop and think how lucky you are to have volitional speech, those of us who have difficulties are no lesser a person. Everyone has difficulties in their life.

As I said in my first speech apraxia blog, if you know someone with a speech disorder, take the time to include them and see the person not their difficulties; it will enhance both your lives.

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