Update July 2019

Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged. I spent most of May in America on a therapy visit. I saw my speech and language therapist in Boca Raton, Florida. We stayed in Lighthouse Point and I love Florida; I’m working on getting family to buy a house there. It was such an eye-opener in terms of it being a well-established community. The food was good and it felt like there was a Starbucks on every corner; maybe it’s because we put them in the sat nav! The coconut milk iced vanilla lattes were an essential part of the day as were the Wholefood’s (WF’s). deli sandwiches. WF’s have a new GF white sandwich loaf which has a great texture and is a large slice just right for proper sandwiches. I’m not sure anything else had improved since the Amazon takeover, in fact, it seems to have lost some of its style and product range. The easy availability of grass-fed meat is good.

My speech and language therapy visit was very beneficial as I have a new programme that is helping me make progress. It’s challenging but that’s good. I have lots of new strategies around fluency and accuracy of sounds.

The weather in Lighthouse Point was sunny, hot and steamy followed by warm rain and then it was fresh and clean. That climate made me feel well. Eating breakfast outside every morning was a good start to the day.

Then we travelled to Las Vegas which after the classy environment of Lighthouse Point was a bit of a culture shock or rather, lack of it. We flew in with a group of party people going to the Electric Daisy Festival. The disappointment was the weather as it was described by locals as ‘unseasonably’ cool. This is Nevada where the heat usually envelops you. It was cloudy and rained too – just like UK.

Anyway I was there to see my Vision Therapy Doctor who is great. My glasses prescription and prism lens were updated and I have a great programme with increased variety. I really enjoy it and it’s going well.

Since coming back my IBS has flared up which has been time consuming and hard going. I have been working on changing my diet. I’ve accepted that large steaks, much as I love them, are hard for me to digest. Yesterday I had coconut yogurt with homemade cherry compote and mixed seeds for breakfast, chicken salad with home made dressing and low carb croutons for lunch and chickpea curry with basmati rice for dinner. I’m loathe to go totally vegan but I have to admit that my gut feels better – not quite so volcanic. I still enjoy a gin but I have it with coconut water which doesn’t upset my stomach.

The updates, recipes and reviews will start again now as I am feeling better. It’s good to be back.


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    • essentialonion

      Hi Chris
      You’re not wicked but just a chip off great grandad George. Thanks for leaving a comment. I hear you are bored – dangerous for someone as intelligent as you. We keep M busy or she would wreak havoc. Take care Con


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