Addition to my programme

I have a broad range of exercises and training in my programme focused on strengthening my body. Today I started a new type of activity called Soundsory which is a sound-based intervention embedded in a proprietary headphone equipped with bone conduction to develop sensory integration and establish core foundations.

The specific rhythmical music is electronically processed to stimulate body movement and the attention mechanisms in the brain. Each day involves 25 minutes of modified music and 5 minutes of movement exercises to music.

For further information see the website:

Day 1:

The listening part was great and very relaxing; the music was stimulating and I found nothing adverse. I remember doing listening therapy for my dyspraxia as a child and feeling hyper after it. The exercises to the electronically processed music were enjoyable and I soon managed the movements; that surprised me as motor planning is not my strong point. Over the years, I have done Tai Chi, yoga and now have a trainer but today I could see that I have made progress. I look forward to making more progress and will update my blog regularly.

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