February 2018 Update

I have been working hard with the team on my first talking PowerPoint. It has taken the best part of three years. Grandma has grappled with this concept for a long time and no one could help. Finally in training with an organisation called Sight and Sound there was someone who seemed to understand. Yes it works and the first one is now on my YouTube channel. You should have received a link to it. If you haven’t then let me know. The aim is to let people know about global dyspraxia and educate them in some way.

Let me update you on how I am doing. I was in America in September and had my triple tongue tie released. We were in la for 4 days and I spent most of the time eating pureed food and watching TV films. In between I applied copious amounts of pain-relief gel. We did go to Santa Monica and the Pier where Route 66 ends.  That was great with live music, strange behavioured people who had obviously imbibed something stronger than a cigarette. I developed my love of iced vanilla lattes made with coconut milk there. I couldn’t eat and they were soothing and filling. The rest of the trip went well.

I celebrated my 21st birthday in October with a house party in a beautiful house overlooking a wild sea. That was a fab week although I was miserable on my birthday.

My programme is going well and I am making good progress in my speech. I finally accept that I am starting to talk. It has taken me a while to adjust my perception of myself. Yes I feel I am starting to make some progress emotionally. It’s about time. My physio needs have been assessed and updated and it was obvious way past doing. I am still working on stretches but am also working on strengthening my core muscles. She recommended a treadmill as my overall fitness was below par. I am improving my time for a mile walking.  I have completed my first assignment for my level 3 certificate in Creative Writing and passed with flying colours. I’m working on assignment 2 now. I want to do level 3 in psychology but will wait until next year.

I am going to review my blog and try to make it more interesting and diverse with product placement. I haven’t said much about the IOPI medical device which is helping me strengthen my tongue for speech. I shall review it next time.

I am going to upload my talking PowerPoint here so let me know what you think. I will be uploading videos and doing blogs more often. Hope you are all well. Keep in touch.

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