March Update

How are you all? This is my last day of term so I thought I had better do an update. It has been a bit up and down this half term. I have irritable bowel syndrome and it is linked to migraine. Grandma seems to have sorted it for the minute with judicious use of probiotics, transdermal magnesium oil and Oxypowder. i think she would have been burned at the stake in the past. She says she comes from a long line of women who believe in natural healing on her mother’s side. These are the Hendry’s again, all bright and a bit eccentric. There is the matriarchal theme again which permeates our family. There must have been some men. Great uncle Chris but you apparently are Great grandad George in most ways. All very strong and thriving. We certainly don’t do wishy-washy in my family.

Things have been unsettled in my programme as one person left but it is much stronger now and more calm and stable. I have to say I can see the progress i am making so it must be good. I know I’m a glass half empty person. That comes into conflict with grandma regularly. She is a glass half full person with an attitude of ‘how do I fill the bloody thing up’. We have a few arguments over this disparity and I get my ‘ass kicked’ metaphorically speaking. However, even I can see how well I am doing in the last year. My latest focus is on saying things independently across a range of words and different vowels so I have to change my motor-plans and I can! It is such a pleasure to do it too. One of the phrases I have now is ‘eff off’ but thats not officially in my targets – but it’s age appropriate! The ForBrain headset has played a big part of this development and I can differentiate speech sounds now. Where are all these so called specialists in the UK? I know Diane my US-based speech therapist wants to open a multi-sensory clinic with grandma in Manchester to bring together a range of specialists to work with people with true apraxia of speech. There is one in Finland apparently. We need it and knowing them they will do it too.

It’s Easter and lots of things are planned including a birthday picnic for my cousins Evie and Isobel. As long as there is wine and pizza I am happy. Then we are going to plan walks in Lancashire, based around pub lunches. I am walking three times a day and doing two relaxation sessions to help my irritable bowel syndrome and related anxiety and it helps. Grandad and I have been encouraged to go in all weathers; ‘you won’t melt’ is the family saying. It was touch and go a few times this week.

Anyway I must go as it’s relaxation time with a heated eye mask and then the walk which, as it’s a nice day, grandma is joining us! Then lunch and music. I’m hoping for a few toasted cheese and ham sandwiches. All gluten and dairy free and they’re so good I feel I’m back in Wholefoods; in fact they are better.

Have a good Spring Holiday. Do try Hotel Chocolat vegan chocolate and eggs; they are the best ever. We go to Manchester every few weeks to stock up. Of course there are other brands available but they are not as good. I am looking for sponsorship so I am into product placement! in fact, we use Ancient Minerals transdermal mineral oil and it is excellent for all aches and pains.

Until next time do take care and look after yourself naturally.

Much love, Con XxxxxxxxxxxX

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