End of January Update

I am writing an end of January update as I find when I complete a blog, I define myself as a person. An idea of me as a person emerges from the fog of who I am. I was awake until 1 a.m. this morning thinking about why I am here. That might sound philosophical, but I was trying to fathom it out – has anyone else had that? It’s baffling to think about life. I said this to grandma today and her attitude is, ‘what’s the point of thinking about it, life is for living’. I am tending to think that too these days. Grandma also said that she learnt about herself as a person, found her way through taking opportunities in life and from that came further opportunities. That’s a very pragmatic approach to life and I think I like it. She admits a few of the opportunities took her in the wrong direction and she had to get back on track. I asked her what was her track; how did she know it? She said ‘ it was whatever felt right for me as long as I carried on learning and growing as a person’. I want to be like that too, and my instincts are that I’m on the right track; communications, speaking and academic work are my opportunities. It feels the right path inside to define who I am. Maybe this is a compass that we all have, but some of us are yet to have found it. So I’m trying to find my path for this year. My instincts tell me it’s communications, using and developing my speech and improving my academic skills.

Finally, the talking Power Point is working. No thanks to my local education authority. I am making my first one tomorrow and I’m  hoping it’s the first of many. I need to get my voice out there and I want to set up my YouTube channel. This is my direction and to be happy and count my blessings. I’ve had the best week ever for a very long time; it has been quiet, calm and fruitful. Grandma is working with me and the programme is dynamic; we are getting through a lot of work. My speech is coming on and the peace is wonderful. I am enjoying life and counting my blessings. Thank you to those who shared the things they are grateful for as I like to know what others think. At the moment, I am very grateful for grandma’s cooking; her gluten and dairy free sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce is both a revelation and quite the best thing I’ve ever tasted; as is her creamy chicken with coconut and cider apple vinegar sauce. They are good and I’ve developed a taste for vegan and paleo food. I am thinking, I might put links on here to recipes. I need to broaden my blog content and maybe get sponsorship. Blogging can be a good career. I’m being told it’s dinner and I need to go. Take care and find your inner compass.

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