My October Update

I feel that a lot of things are changing and I am happy with that. My month was great and I feel I am gaining in confidence. My speech is improving slowly but steadily; I think you would call it an upward trajectory. Halfterm break was good as we aimed for 12 thousand steps a day and I like a walk with a purpose which means usually towards a pub and a snack. We also went to Blackpool Lights and what a misnomer that is; it should be called Blackpool traffic jam! twenty minutes next to Sooty, Sweep and Soo is more than anyone can take. We turned away from the prom after 20 minutes of Hickory Dickory Dock and headed for pizza and a drink. Martha has been told she can go on her own when she is 21. I hope she has more style.

I have lots of plans that include singing. More accurately as a backing singer. Listening to Abba singing and I make no apologies for that I realised that I could sing the ‘aha’ backing to ‘Voulez vous’. Then as my speech therapist has suggested singing, we decided to add it to my programme. You can get all sorts of backing tracks for karaoke on YouTube. so that’s the plan and my aim is karaoke at Christmas so be warned.

I have been more actively involved with YADA, Young Adults with Dyspraxia/Apraxia. Wow am I beginning to understand about it and how few people there are with it. Most people I am in contact with are in America and we’ve discussed lately how apraxia is added to other diagnoses and not supported to improve. There is something wrong with an assessment system that thinks it is ok to overlook someone’s basic need to talk. How many people are diagnosed with autism at the toddler stage when they have severe dyspraxia. No wonder I hate my local authority. It seems as bad in America.  The people I link with are very strong, very outspoken and do their best to raise awareness. I intend to join them and I am looking into setting up a YouTube channel here, I need to look at some of theirs to see what they’ve done. A suggestion is that I mix my own music as backing as an additional skill. I have been offered support by the husband of one of the team; I’m happy to accept when you are ready.

I feel happy with how things are going with lots of additional activities being added that are helping my speech, my confidence, my autonomy and my social life. I have a great team that are pushing the boundaries. Technology is starting to work better too although it still needs work to be fully effective. I have to say the local authority help has been useless. We have a detailed project plan for social communication and interaction. That includes a framework of Socratic questioning which sounds pompous but it’s just a structure of questions. we used it today in our debate ‘Ghosts – true or false?’ Sorry Alex, I know I freaked you out with details of our resident ghost. Socratic questioning calls for evidence which I gave in plenty. It made me laugh when the computer flashed into life on the interactive board; proof of life on the other side. Alex your face was a picture and I know you believe it. As I told you he is the guardian of the house!!

I am addicted to the series of Sleepy Hollow on Fire TV. The first time I watched it I felt so inadequate. This man rises from the dead after 250 years in limbo and is so cool. He marches around kicking butt. he is tall, exotic looking with his hair tied back and I so want to be him. He is fighting the four horsemen of the apocalypse and there is much cutting off of heads. We have had a native American shaman putting him and his sidekick into a dream state to fight the Sandman who looks like he is a nasty reject from In the Night Garden. Sleep well children!

Anyway I must go as it’s Friday night and we have 13K steps to walk and two pubs to visit before dinner. It’s not my turn to pay so I shall enjoy it more. Take care I will talk to you soon.


Add Yours
  1. Leah Burman

    Dear Con,

    Thank you for keeping in touch and updating. I agree with your sentiments…..

    Who are you walking with? You are going to be super fit – providing you don’t eat too many pies or drink too much wine!

    Have a great weekend,



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