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Summer is over and I so enjoyed it. We had a staycation as we went to America in June. So we walked, sorted the house out and ate out a lot. We also sorted the garden out with lots of plants and nice furniture. I helped with that too and it involved a lot of trips to the local tip. It may sound boring but a glass of chilled wine in the garden was nice after a day of doing little or listening to music. It was great!

It’s September and my sister and her cousin have started school, so life feels flat and boring. It was nice hearing them playing in the garden and now apparently they are so tired they’re going to bed early which is very unlike them. That to me epitomises September.

I am back in my education programme and having to work hard. The team has changed and of course Grandma is here all the time at the moment while she builds up her consultancy. The programme has settled down quicker this year. I have made good progress in my speech and the phrase I’m working on at the moment is ‘I want more wine’. That’s what I call a functional phrase and I’m very motivated; I’m sure none of you are surprised. I dare not tell you some of my planned future phrases but I’m currently working on /sh/ and /f/.

Finally the technology in the classroom is getting sorted and the Smart Board is working. Sefton didn’t sort it so grandma got a man in and he sorted it. So now I have consonants on the Interactive Board with embedded motor plan videos and then practice words which shows me then I try and it records me. I love that approach and it’s great to hear myself. That’s a big change as a few years ago I hated hearing myself – progress. Grandma has set up a talking PowerPoint that we tried today and I enjoyed that too. I will be starting speed typing next week which I’m looking forward to.

Grandma and I sat down and have developed a themed project for social communication that I’m looking forward to as there will be autumn events as well as class-based activities. This will cover all strands of social interaction and communication including speech, iPad, written and technology. I will be project manager for family autumn events. I have to plan, invite, budget, shop and help prepare. Online shopping here I come. I think my aunt and two cousins are coming next weekend and staying over. I need to sort that out this weekend and it has to be autumn themed but be good for adults and little girls too. I’m thinking a treasure hunt, blackberry picking and lots of wine after they’ve gone to bed. Would it be cheating to have huge pizzas (my current favourite food)  or autumnal Chinese takeout? I will let you know more about the themed project next time.

How am I?  I’m learning to understand myself a bit more and working on understanding the basis of my emotional problems. Grandma now has a super organised and decorated office and we use it for lots of activities. I did psychology in here this morning and loved it. It’s peaceful and easy to concentrate – just so good an environment. I’m doing the psychology of memory storage and retrieval and I’m going to use it for honing my study skills. Life is just so good.

Anyway Happy Friday as Americans say and I hope you all have an ‘awesome’ weekend. I’m off for American pizza and Austrian wine. I can’t claim to be sophisticated but I enjoy my food. Until next time take care!!




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  1. Alex

    I’m so glad life is ‘so good’ Con! 😊 Sounds like you had a fab summer☀️ You’re doing really well & I’m looking forward to practising your future functional ‘f’ & ‘sh’ words too haha! 😜Looking forward to reading your next blog ☺️ Xx


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