My family continued

How do I explain the quirky nature of my family? In a nutshell, they are late starters, very intelligent but with that comes over-thinking and anxiety and a very strong work ethic. They most certainly believe in life-long learning. Also, very strong and independent women and I greatly respect these women but then it would need a strong man to take them on!

The trinity of women include my grandmother, my mother and my aunt; very close ties and with lots of degrees. I like this strong female presence in my life. Blow me away, isn’t there another trinity of female toddlers in the next generation. My four year old sister Miss M as we call her is already bossy and the sense of disapproval from three sets of toddler eyes is scary. Im learning to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ as they stand anticipating it and I don’t want to disappoint them. Take yesterday, I was talking with my grandmother about going to a cafe for a snack; this was on my iPad communication app. Miss M came bustling over as if it was story time and insisted on typing ‘that’s a good idea, Con’. I should be pleased that she accepts me for who I am and I hope it stays that way. I have great self-awareness that I must not do anything to embarrass or scare them. I will need friends in my family.

How am I doing? I’m doing ok in my learning thanks! My speech programme has been revised and it’s very focused on saying functional words and I mostly enjoy it. Today was hard as it was such a warm day and it would have been good to be outside. I did well though and have a lot of technology that is really helping me. I am so looking forward to a chilled glass of wine and dinner. Before anyone complains, I am 19 and it’s legal at 18 in the UK. It’s not as if I get a lot as my grandmother is a bit controlling; grandad likes a wine. I think there was an aunt in my grandmother’s family who was an alcoholic so my grandmother is cautious. I beat her at Spot It the other night and as I had won, I declared my winnings to be  ‘more wine’. I actually said it and got a small glass. It’s now in my speech programme and I’m motivated to say that clearly. Any way, I’ve had a busy day and it’s time to relax and listen to music. I suggest that my song of the day is ‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit and those of a nervous disposition shouldn’t listen to it! The language is a bit choice but some days it’s my theme song. Other days I prefer something more mellow. I’m off to think about dinner and coax my grandmother to uncork the wine and explain that ‘no I won’t become an alcoholic’.Thanks for listening and enjoy your evening.

P.S. Happy Birthday for tomorrow Adam! I hope you have a good day.

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