Making progress

Every day I feel that I’m doing better. I am following my own guidance for a change. Really am feeling a bit better but I don’t always want to focus on the negative in my life so let me tell you about how I’m peeling away the layers of the onion to reveal the essential me.

I am doing well at helping myself to focus by understanding about my brain. I work with a cool guy to do EEG Neurofeedback and after nearly five years I have learned that if I disengage from things it causes theta a slow brain wave to increase and guess what happens – it’s like thinking through a fog. Part of me enjoys that sometimes as I am a teenager. Over a period though that’s not nice and it’s hard to shake off. I’ve got Dr. B to help me though – thanks Stephen. So I’m working on it and doing well.

Ok that’s all for today. I think having global dyspraxia is hard and tiring but I’ve decided that I’m going to do my best to defeat it ok. Tomorrow I will tell you about members of my family as many of us are a bit quirky as we seem to do things back to front. We are late developers and I think that gives me hope for the future. any comments please or follow me.. I may seem boring but I’m not as I may struggle with some parts of life – but hey I think I’m winning. What more can anyone say?

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