Why I call this ‘essential onion’?

The name came from my family because they liken me and my life to peeling away the layers to find the essential me. My education has been like a huge disaster. My early memory is of this pompous doctor telling my mother I had severe learning difficulties. See they equate speech difficulties with poor cognitive ability. I wanted to say to him that he was wrong but I didn’t have the speech. that diagnosis stuck with me for years at least through my early education. Needless to say the education was poorly done – actually I had no education at that time.

Thankfully my grandma has several degrees in education and has great tenacity. We had to sue them but unfortunately the ‘special’ school I got another poor example of education. That was possibly the worst time in my life and I was bullied. I was beaten up twice by some big thug. I think they saw I was different. Super gran was hated there but she stuck it and finally my mother gave notice to remove me. I kind of felt things had to get better and it did. My family put together a programme which is funded. I’m finally learning to talk but not in the U.K. My grandmother found specialist speech therapists in USA. It is a real hardship to go to Nevada for 3 weeks every year for speech therapy and integrated OT. I would move to Nevada tomorrow for the heat, then the lifestyle that goes with it. I’m learning to use a DJ Controller with one of the best DJs in Las Vegas. Also drumming although lack of motor planning hinders that. So that’s me the ‘essential onion’ – damaged by the education system but finding out who I am.

I hope to introduce you to my family over time but will not name them. Super gran works for a public body, let’s just call it “O’ and I know all you teachers out there love them. She is a good one though very bright and real skills to help me. Grandad was also a teacher and he is my teacher in the programme. I have a specialist team who work with me and grandma oversees the programme. So I’ve got to work hard which is not always easy – come on I am a teenager. Academically I am doing well and my writing has improved so much.

anyway that’s all for the first post.

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